Happy New Gardening Year

last carrots of 2010

A couple weeks ago, we covered our garden plot with one more blanket of mulched leaves and made our last harvest of 2010. We harvested spinach and carrots. The carrots still tasted fresh and crisp even though we had to pry them out of the slightly frozen earth. We loosened the ground with a garden fork and pulled out about 12 medium-sized carrots.

my new dibber for 2011

One stubborn carrot would not separate from its block of earth so my strong husband pressed down hard on the garden fork until its wooden shaft snapped in half. My husband sighed at the loss of his faithful garden tool. But he smiled after I announced, “we now have a dibber for the leeks we want to plant in early spring!”  A broken off shovel or garden fork with an intact handle  makes an effective hole digger for planting seedlings.

A garden blunder can be a gem to the gardener who dreams about next year’s garden.

Happy New Gardening Year, my gardening friends!

3 thoughts on “Happy New Gardening Year

  1. I love the attitude: “Every grey cloud has a silver lining”! Your husband will now have the perfect excuse to go buy a nice new spade…
    Happy New Year to you; I look forward to reading about what 2011 brings for you.

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