Our Christmas Tree

This week I brought home carrots and radishes from our garden plot. We still have carrots, spinach and turnips growing under row covers. Today we did not visit our garden plot, but searched for a Christmas tree.

Our son found our Christmas tree today at a local Christmas tree stand.  He insisted on bringing home a particular lopsided and thin fraser fir tree that  fell on him.  The unsteady tree gently fell as my son quickly weaved through the maze of Christmas trees standing at their posts.  Immediately after the tree toppled, my son figured the tree picked him and wanted to come home with us.  My husband and I continued to look for a fuller and more conical shaped tree. But our son did not give up.  He demanded we bring home the 6 foot tree that tried to catch and tickle him.  We could not find a better tree to fit in our home.   The lopsided tree now stands steady as it shines bright with white lights and cherished ornaments.

our tree holding my favorite ornament

5 thoughts on “Our Christmas Tree

  1. That’s what they call “serendipity” isn’t it? Do you ever put edible decorations on your tree? When our kids were young we often used to put chocolate decorations on the tree, and allow the kids to take one off each day of the holiday. It was also our tradition to give an orange or satsuma in each stocking — I think this goes back a century or so, when citrus fruit was a great luxury in our country, especailly at Christmas.

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