A Peppery Thanksgiving Thought

My Pepper Guard Dog

A couple week ago I pulled out the last of the pepper plants in our community garden plot.  I collected several pounds of small to medium-sized, but crisp and tasty bell, banana and cubanelle peppers.  It took a little creativity to use all these peppers.  I made pepper and cheese casserole,  Italian turkey sausage with sauted peppers and onions, tortilla chicken soup with peppers, and roasted peppers marinated in garlic and  extra virgin olive oil.  I blanched, then froze about eight cups of chopped peppers.  Finally, I took a grocery bagful of peppers to our local food bank.   I am happy to say that we did not waste our last crop of peppers!

Here is my peppery Thanksgiving Day thought….just like my peppers, I do not want to waste  the gifts, big or small that God gives to me.  In God’s economy a grateful heart grows and produces more fruit.

May we all give thanks and celebrate the blessings in our lives this Thanksgiving holiday.    Have a safe and joyful Thanksgiving Day!   (and enjoy the leftovers!)

6 thoughts on “A Peppery Thanksgiving Thought

  1. That looks delicious! Too bad I haven’t harvested peppers (since I’ve been busy decorating our pergola for the holidays) yet so the family just had a pumpkin and turkey combo for Thanksgiving.

    And you write well! Keep those posts coming!

  2. I’m intrigued about your food bank — how does it work?
    I also fully support what you say about using everything that we produce. I really wish our supermarkets would stop the “Buy one Get one Free” culture, because it encourages people to be so wasteful. BTW, did you feed any peppers to your dog???

    1. Food banks offer food to people who do not have enough money to buy food for themselves or their families. Food banks are stocked by donations from others. Food banks typically prefer non-perishable food items, but are happy to accept fresh produce from gardens.

      Yes. My dog ate some chopped peppers that fell on the kitchen floor.

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