Goodbye October

The month of October ends with a photo-free post.   It is the start of a new tradition at Our Garden Plot.   A  Photo-Free Finish on the last day of each month.  It is a chance to practice creating vivid word pictures about our garden plot.

October garden highlights:

1.  We pulled out our last row of tired tomato plants.
2.  We pulled out big round radishes and long crunchy carrots from the ground.
3.  I made bean and noodle soups from fresh picked escarole and endive.
4.  We dug out football-size sweet potatoes from the soil below shriveled vines.
5.  Our glorious fig tree shed its leaves.
6.  Our turnip, lettuce, radish and spinach seeds sprouted leaves.
7.  We harvested a grocery bag of thick crisp string beans.
8.   We conquered the greedy Mexican bean beetles.
9.   We picked pounds and pounds of pungent, plump and pointed peppers.
10.  We roasted and froze our habanero peppers for the first time.
11.  We dumped a manure and compost mix onto our plot.
12.  We prepared the soil for next year’s garden.

What are your October garden highlights?

3 thoughts on “Goodbye October

  1. You’ve been very busy. So many achievements in one month. Hmmm. My October achievements? Mostly securing import / quarantine permits and ordering plants from overseas. LOL.

  2. Wow, football sized sweet potatoes?! How did you do that? I tried sweet potatoes for the first time this year. I was excited to get a small meal out of it…and mine weren’t even 1/2 the size of yours!

    As for habaneros, this is my second year growing them and I’ve never even gotten a flower bud. All of the other peppers do great, but the habaneros must require a longer growing season or something.

    Oh well, I was just checking out the other newbies on Blotanical, I just joined myself.

    Amy (Get Busy Gardening!)

  3. Oh my goodness! What a list of accomplishments! I hope you enjoy your harvest bounty, and I look forward to reading more of your gardening journey!

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