Our Fig Tree

Can you find 6 green unripe figs? Figs develop on new growth at base of leaves, not at a flower because the blossom is inside the fig!

It is mid-October and our fig tree is still producing figs! Those green figs in the photo are now brownish purple and ready to eat. My son and I ate a couple today. Yummy! Our 6 year old fig tree had a growth explosion and produced over 5 pounds of figs this summer and fall. Normally, we wrap our fig tree with a leaf-stuffed burlap blanket to protect it in winter. But last winter we did not. Instead, God covered it in 80 inches of snow. We feared it would be damaged from the Blizzard of 2009, but instead it produced our biggest crop of figs.


Figs are sweet and delicious. I wonder why they are not as popular as strawberries, grapes or bananas? Here is a list of the fig fun my family and I had this summer and fall:
1.  Picking and eating figs while playing in the backyard.
2. Eating figs stuffed with gorgonzola cheese.
3. Eating sliced figs on top of cereal and oatmeal
4. Making and eating a fig, onion and gorgonzola cheese pizza
5. Baking and snacking on homemade fig newton cookies
6. Eating figs sliced in salads.
7. Making and snacking on  homemade blueberry and fig fruit roll-ups.
8.  Eating chicken breasts stuffed with figs and gorgonzola cheese
9.  Eating our homemade sugar-free fig jam on warm toast.
10. Dreaming about ways to eat figs after reading  Fig Heaven.

What did you do with your figs?

5 thoughts on “Our Fig Tree

  1. I don’t have any fruit trees at present; I put off fruit until next year. However, when I was a lad we had a fig tree. It never once produced any fruit when I lived at home. About ten years later (so the tree was about 26 years old) my parents sold the house. The moment the For Sale sign went up, the bloody thing produced it’s first ever fruits!

  2. Just happened across your site, love it. I just inherited some fig sprouts from a friend and got them in the ground just prior to the early frosts here in Ohio. I’ll tie them down and blanket with leaves this year. Hope they make through the winter. Planted my first community garden plot this year with a bit of success and hope for a little more next year. I’ll be very interested in what is going on in your plot also.

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