Discovery on AT Hike

Despite temperatures greater than 90 degrees and heat advisory warnings, my mom, aunt and I hiked a portion of the Appalachian Trail in Pennsylvania several weeks ago. The shade from the trees and shrubs on the woodland trail gave us some relief from the heat. When we felt tired, we sat on a log, drank … More Discovery on AT Hike

Turtle Rescue

  I laugh when I think of my unexpected scramble with this turtle in the outfield at Meadowbrook Park. The game began when I spotted the turtle’s head and wrinkled neck at the corner of a chain-link fence. The prehistoric-like creature looked so vulnerable and out of its element. I wanted to help it. Its … More Turtle Rescue

Busy Bird

First day of Summer and our backyard garden is lush green from all the rainy days in Spring. The ground cover, Mazus Reptans feels like a cool moist sponge under my bare feet. My toes sink into the natural plush carpet until I hear vibrating gurgles and clicks inside and around our hanging bird house. … More Busy Bird

Spring Snow

On the second day of Spring we were surprised with the perfect snow. Four inches of good packing snow on a weekday. An amazing light snow able to be shaped and sculpted. “Come on, mom! Let’s make a snow fort,” my son called as he knelt in the snow and swung his arms wide along … More Spring Snow

Winter Hike

I went for a hike today on the wooded trails in Robinson Nature Center. I like the open feeling in the December woods. The sparse surroundings relieve my stress from the busy holiday season. There is less confusion and congestion and more simplicity and space in the bare woods. Only single sounds and single sights. … More Winter Hike


Our garden plot had a peach explosion in June.  Early June, small peaches lined our peach tree’s thin branches like strings of beads. It was bittersweet to pick the immature fruit, but necessary to allow growing space and branch support for some peaches to reach full size. By mid June many small peaches dropped on … More Peaches

The Nest

In mid April we found a new nest on the rafters under our deck. We felt like expectant parents the day our son announced he saw a Robin sitting in the nest.  We tried to limit our activity around the nest.    But one evening my husband and I assembled a shed on our patio … More The Nest

Welcome Spring

Today thin green spinach seedlings popped out of the seed starter soil, a perfect start to Spring. During our late winter snowfall last week,  I planted seeds for our summer kitchen garden.  I found this wire rack at the Goodwill and thought it perfect to hold our seedlings.  This year I plan to make our … More Welcome Spring

Walking sticks

We found a lovely canopy of Japanese Maple trees on a late November walk in North Carolina. I found a little refuge, a reminder that God is our refuge and shelter. My son found walking sticks.  He brought them home, removed the  bark with a pocket knife and rubbed the bare wood smooth with fine … More Walking sticks

Autumn Aliens

We visited a farm in Pennsylvania to pick some pumpkins and gourds to bring home.   My son was intrigued by their funny shapes and bright colors.  They reminded me of the silly monsters he draws – cute alien creatures with round or oval bodies filled in by swirls or dots and topped with one to … More Autumn Aliens